GCRI:  You can make an eternal difference!GCRI:  You can make an eternal difference!GCRI:  You can make an eternal difference!GCRI:  You can make an eternal difference!GCRI:  You can make an eternal difference!GCRI:  You can make an eternal difference!

GCRI presents to its donors the opportunity to invest in two large projects each year.  Each project has been through a thorough vetting process that focuses on the following criteria:

1. Christian Statement of Faith.  The indigenous mission is accurately teaching and preaching the Word of God.

2.  Extended history of faithful and fruitful ministry.  Requests for assistance from indigenous missions are considered only after the ministry has been in the Lord's service for many years.  It would not be unusual for a project ministry to have been serving the Lord for 10-40 years previous to consideration.

3.  The ministry is truly indigenous.  To illustrate: the mission was in existence before the request was made and will continue in existence if the request for assistance is not granted.  It was begun by the Spirit in the heart of the indigenous leader and will continue whether or not help comes from the West.

4.  The request comes from the head of a mission rather than a single missionary.  Because one can easily be perusaded by the most winsome and charismatic person, funds are given to the mission leader who best knows, who among the many who might be working within the indigenous mission, is most deserving or needy.

5. Fiscal accountability and responsibility has been thoroughly tested.  He who has been faithful in small things can be be trusted with larger amounts.  Requests for funds are distributed in small amounts or several phases to ensure that the monies provided are responsibly spent on the project needs designated in the request for funding.

6.  The specific amount requested for a project is verified to be accurate by men and women here in the United States who have knowledge of the region and the proper amont of funds needed to complete the requested project.


Investors in the large projects offered by GCRI can be assured that each one is legitimate and will greatly enhance the advancement of God's work in the unreached or under-reached regions of the world.  The indigenous missionaries our donors assist are often in peril for their lives yet they continue and the church is growing!  It is our great priviledge to offer these projects to you.  May they find favor with you and may God richly bless you as you generousy bless others.

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