GCRI:  You can make an eternal difference!GCRI:  You can make an eternal difference!GCRI:  You can make an eternal difference!GCRI:  You can make an eternal difference!GCRI:  You can make an eternal difference!GCRI:  You can make an eternal difference!

Missionary Training Center - Ecuador

Ecuador | $72,632


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Steve with two natives

Steve with two natives representative of the men and women of the jungle that Steve is desiring to reach with the Gospel.  The method of reaching will be by training tribal pastors in practical helps for their villages - elementary dental, vision, and medical care as well as small engine repair.

Training in vision care and fitting glasses

Training in vision care and fitting glasses.

Steve with trainees

Steve with trainees.

Training in elementary dental care

Training in elementary dental care.

Training in small engine repair

A class of native pastors stands with their instructor in small engine repair.

Approaching a native village

Taking the training graduates into a native village to now be ministers of help and hopefully, in time, of the Gospel.  This village is occupied by a tribe once known for head shrinking.  You would never know that now.

Awaiting fitting for glasses.

Awaiting fitting for glasses.

Training in elementary medical care

Training in elementary medical care.

Awaiting their turn at the dental clinic

Villagers awaiting their turn at the dental clinic.

Assisting native men with small engine repair

Training native villagers in small engine repair.  The Gospel will come later.

Steve Saint, son of martyred pioneer missionary Nate Saint, who was speared along with four other companions in the jungle of Ecuador in 1956, has been bringing the Gospel to the very tribal people who killed his father.  To better accomplish this, a base camp was needed from which to train indigenous pastors in how to reach their tribal communities through practical means such as elementary dental care, medical care, small engine repair, and providing glasses.  After good will has been established, the communities are much more receptive to hear about the Savior.

GCRI donors took up the challenge of providing funds for a good start on securing land and buildings for this endeavor.

Photos provided by ITEC and GCRI.

Project Country: Ecuador

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