GCRI:  You can make an eternal difference!GCRI:  You can make an eternal difference!GCRI:  You can make an eternal difference!GCRI:  You can make an eternal difference!GCRI:  You can make an eternal difference!GCRI:  You can make an eternal difference!

Important – Read Carefully


Dear friends,


I am delighted and praising God for the gracious transition He has provided for GCRI in 2021. GCRI will merge with Assisting Indigenous Ministries International (AIM) to continue to bring to you well-vetted and strategic projects to advance the Lord’s work in remote, persecuted places of the world.


As has been our practice, you will hear from me twice a year (monthly letters will cease), in the spring and fall, regarding the projects God wishes for us to pursue together.  The only change is that your checks should be made to AIMI or given through the AIM website (aim.international)Unless I hear otherwise, I will transfer your contact information to AIM so that you will continue to receive project descriptions, receipts, reports from the field, and annual tax information.  Advise me if you wish to be dropped from this transfer.


Sarla Mahara is the president of AIM and I have been the vice-president since its inception.  I met her eighteen years ago at Christian Aid Missions when I inquired about how I could be involved with indigenous missions.  At that time, she was Area Director for Southeast Asia missions. She became a mentor, encourager, and has been working behind the scenes with GCRI in charge of vetting and dispersing of GCRI monies to many of our projects.


I invite you to continue and even to enlist others in furthering the gospel to the unreached people that are so difficult for western missionaries to reach.  Remember, the indigenous Christian is living among them and is deserving of our support.


In summary:

1.  GCRI will merge with AIM January 1, 2021 - the mission is the same – bringing the gospel to the unreached through indigenous missionaries and Christian workers.

2.  You will continue to hear from me twice a year regarding the projects God has put before us.

3.  As God leads, your donation can be given in two ways: 


  1. checks should be made out to AIM at 237 Landmark Dr., Charlottesville, VA  22903 or
  2. at website aim.international.

4.  Email communications regarding selected projects, field reports, receipts, thank-you notes, tax information will come from AIM.

5.  Most importantly, for me, is that I will continue to talk with you regarding what God is doing in the field.  Together we can continue to make an eternal difference.




Ed White, soon to be past president of GCRI, vice president of AIM

757-944-1011 | 3441 Archer Court, Virginia Beach, VA 23452-5900 | info@gcri.org