GCRI:  You can make an eternal difference!GCRI:  You can make an eternal difference!GCRI:  You can make an eternal difference!GCRI:  You can make an eternal difference!GCRI:  You can make an eternal difference!GCRI:  You can make an eternal difference!

Why Indigenous Missionary Support?

The following video provides a summary of GCRI's mission.


GCRI is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) charitable organization established to assist indigenous (native to the land) Christian missionaries in poor, remote, and often persecuted regions of the world to spread the good news of Jesus Christ throughout their homeland.

We Believe

One God manifest in three persons: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

The inspiration of all the Scriptures by the Holy Spirit, as originally given, as the final authority for Christian faith and practice.

The incarnation and virgin birth of the Lord Jesus Christ who, by His shed blood, substitutionary death, and bodily resurrection, paid the redemptive price for all our sins and the sins of the whole world.

The eternal salvation of all who trust the Lord Jesus Christ and the eternal punishment of all who reject Him.

The work of God's Spirit in the new birth, indwelling the believer, causing him to grow into the likeness of Christ, and filling him with power to live a godly life as a witness for Jesus Christ.

Financial Accountability

GCRI is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit charitable fundraising organization. 100% of your donation will go directly to the project as you direct because our operating expenses are underwritten by local churches. Our financial records are sent to a local CPA firm for review every year and are open for review by any member of the public.


  • Thank you for following God's leading.  We appreciate what GCRI does and how they reach people for Christ.  We hope you had a peaceful Christmas and are filled with the joy of the Holy Spirit.  We pray for protection over all who serve with GCRI and that God will use you all in a big way.

    --Brian and Nicole Hauff

  • GCRI offers a unique opportunity of providing direct funding/impact for the support/needs of indigenous Christians in their efforts to assist others and share the Gospel of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ in remote and unreached places of the world.

    --Sammy and Dana Cohen

  • GCRI has opened my eyes to a new strategy of missions - aiding the indigenous Christians already  in place in any country!  Through GCRI I have been blessed to help believers around the world spread the gospel.  My donation accomplished exponentially more than if I were to visit the countries personally.  I have also had the privilege of meeting some dear brothers and sisters from these countries as a part of GCRI events.  If you delight to know what God is doing in poor and unreached countries, I suggest joining GCRI on any of their worthy projects by donating today.  You will be blessed!

    --Dr. Robin Bresnehan

  • I became familiar with this great organization when my son, Dallas, went with GCRI on a mission trip to Nicaragua five years ago.  It truly transformed his life and brought him to a much closer walk with our Lord. Dallas has been to Nicaragua four times now, has helped me to start a ministry with migrant workers on the Eastern Shore, and is currently attending Youth With a Mission in Belize.  Dallas feels the Lord is calling him to become a full-time missionary.  Many thanks to GCRI for showing Dallas what it truly means to serve our Lord wih our whole heart.

    --Jeanne McDonnell

  • I get goose bumps reading the letter thinking I get to play a small part also.  Thank you for that!  I imagine myself walking through the gates of heaven figuratively carrying "all the works" that God has so graciously allowed me to serve Him with and laying it at Christ's feet.  Who would have thought when I started working at a copy shop as a freshman in college that God would have seen how He would transform my heart into missions through copying.  I so praise Him for it!

    --Karen Bohrer

  • I am astonished at the Lord's continued blessings of your long-term faithfulness.  But I should not be.  He gives grace for faitfulness and He remains faithful.  Anyway, you guys blow me away.

    --Cynthia Finley

  • Thanks for all your service throguh GCRI; the more I learn about the ministry the more I appreciate what the GCRI team is doing.  Thanks for letting us be a part of God's work.

    --Elizabeth and Dillard George

  • I love the way you guys are thinking outside the box.  Yes, people in other countries can take care of their own neighbors with a little training.  Awesome work!  And what GCRI is doing with fundraising is great.

    --Paul and Christy

  • Keep up the good work.

    --Alice Veen

  • How pleased God must be with GCRI.  Your incredible heart for God's people is an inspiration to all of us.

    --Kathleen Sanzone

  • Looking into GCRI we found that 100% of money donated goes to indigenous missionaries for people in areas that are greatly in need physically and spiritually.  We believe it is a privilege to be able to be a small part of spreading God's love in a tangible way to those He loves so much.

    --Dave and Margie Zerbian

  • Contributing monthly to GCRI brings me such joy.  It is wonderful to have the opportunity to in a small way be part of fulfilling the Great Commission.  I look forward to hearing about each new project and then delight in seeing the projects come to fruition.

    I am blessed to be a blessing to this amazing ministry.  I pray that God will continue to guide the GCRI board as they seek new opportunities to train and assist leaders to spread the gospel amongst their own people.  To God be the Glory!

    --Kathy Sanzone

  • We give to GCRI because 100% of our donations go toward multiplying the efforts of estabished fruitful Christian workers in spreading the gospel.

    --Robert and Joannie Corkrum

  • Awesome, GCRI.  Keep up the good work!

    --Jeannie McDonnell

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