GCRI:  You can make an eternal difference!GCRI:  You can make an eternal difference!GCRI:  You can make an eternal difference!GCRI:  You can make an eternal difference!GCRI:  You can make an eternal difference!GCRI:  You can make an eternal difference!

Great Commission Resources International provides resources to
indigenous Christian workers in poor, remote, and persecuted areas of the world.

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The Power of Sewing Machines - Hope, Health, and Healing

The heartbeat of every indigenous Christian ministry is to bring the Light of Christ to their countrymen.  How best to do that is varied but one way has proven to be very effective especially with the most vulnerable – the poor, abused, and targets of sex trafficking.Numerous ministry leaders are asking God to provide sewing machines so that they can operate a tailoring/gospel ministry. Christian women instructors infuse each class with the message of Christ.  Women who might hesitate or be prohibited from coming to church will come to the class willingly as there is no stigma attached.  Culturally, men want their wives to stay in the home but they are pleased when their wife pursues a trade which will provide further income to the home.  Additionally, after classes conclude, women may desire to hear more about Jesus and can use an appointment with their instruction to inquire about a sewing question or to hear more about their Savior.  A sewing machine along with starter fabrics costs approximately $200.

Welcome from GCRI's President

GCRI President Ed White

Welcome to the GCRI website. We are dedicated to bringing God's Word to the unreached in poor, remote, and often persecuted regions of the world. We do this by providing resources to multiply the ministries of indigenous (that is native to their own country) pastors, evangelists, and missionaries. Consider this: they already speak the language fluently, they are already rooted within the culture at the same economic level as their countrymen, they require very little in the way of salary, often supporting themselves in a tent-making vocation, and they are least likely to leave the impression that Christianity is a foreign religion. They raise no suspicion where their money comes from. Many face alienation, beatings, imprisonment, even martyrdom - yet they persevere, and because of their courage, people listen.

Why Indigenous?

Indigenous missionaries do 90% of effective pioneer work among unreached people groups because:

  • They know the language (or one similar) and thus can communicate at the heart level
  • They know the culture
  • They live at the level of the people they serve
  • They are not viewed as bringing in a "foreign religion"

The following video projects a summary of one of the 2012 GCRI large projects, the expansion of a Bible training center in India. The core benefits of indigenous missionary support are illustrated in this video.

As you browse our website you will find out more about who we are, what our donors have accomplished in the past, and what we are currently involved in. We take on two large projects and hundreds of smaller projects each year, all of which have successfully helped advance the Gospel in places that were once in darkness. I hope you will rejoice with us in the work God has already done through our donors, and will seek to get involved with us in the future.


Our ministry is completely volunteer based, so unlike most mission organizations, 100% of our donor contributions go directly to their designated project or item. Our operational expenses are provided separately by donors who wish to help in this way. I hope you will join us in bringing the saving knowledge of the Savior to the lost wherever they may be. May God richly bless you as together we provide the loaves and fishes and He multiplies our offerings.


Investors in GCRI are making an eternal difference. Join us!





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